Top Attractions in Cairo

Top Attractions in Cairo

1-Walkway Nile Cairo
Get rid of your stress now and visit a new walkway in Cairo along the Nile (Cairo day tours), to enjoy the Nile view, walk along the Nile to see amazing sightseeing there
sometimes it is called the "Ahl Misr walkway", it will make Cairo a more charming traveler area than it was previously.
2-Al Azhar Park
Al-Azhar Park is a recreational area situated in Cairo, Egypt. It is situated by the Old City of Cairo offers a huge green area. Offering such great memorable Islamic gardens with the best landscape 
3-Giza Zoo
The zoo has numerous types of reptiles that have a place in Egypt like the Egyptian cobra and turtle. The gardens contain streets cleared with dark stone banners from Trieste, pathways improved with rocks spread out like mosaics, and a lake with a marble island that is currently the zoo's Tea Island
4-Cairo Tower
The Cairo Tower is a free-standing structure tower in Cairo, At 187 m, it is the tallest design in Egypt and North Africa. It was the tallest construction in Africa for a very long time until 1971


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